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Description Filename(s) Date Size Type
UWAL Large Trunnion Block UWAL LTB pivot block.pdf
12Feb2015 LTB photo.jpg
Main strut fairing (wind shield) and single strut using truncated fairing cap 4.6 FAIRING.PRT
3/27/1998 3/27/1998 123k 159k UniGraphics IGES
Clutch face for trunnion blocks used with the Single Strut CLUTCH FACE.PRT
3/27/1998 3/27/1998 271k 263k UniGraphics IGES
Boeing single strut used for most aircraft tests. BOEING-SINGLE-STRUT_DETAILED.IGS 9/23/2005 1110k UniGraphics IGES
Pitch arm #1 used for aircraft tests) PITCH-ARM_NO-1.IGS 9/14/2007 680k IGES
Pitch arm #2 used for aircraft tests) PITCH-ARM_NO-2.IGS 9/23/2007 396k IGES
Pitch arm 7-2 used for aircraft tests) PITCH-ARM_7-2.IGS 9/14/2007 429k IGES
Low Profile Pitch Arm used for aircraft tests (provided by ATS) LOW_PROFILE_PITCHARM.IGS 9/23/2005 218k IGES
Low Profile trunnion block for the Single Strut LOW_PROFILE_TRUNNION.IGS 9/14/2007 1120k IGES
Small trunnion block for the Single Strut SM TRUNNION.PRT
3/27/1998 3/27/1998 800k 481k UniGraphics IGES