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Future Customers should fill out these forms before their test

Description Filename Date Size Type
Test Letter - information for data reduction & model installation required by UWAL prior to testing.

UWALTestLetter projectname.doc

2/13/2017 MS Word 2003
Sample run log for review.  Please review the sample and let us know what variables you would like noted on the run log for your test. We will then customize the template for your test. RUNLOG.PDF 2/10/05 215k Acrobat
Desired model position ranges for pitch & yaw runs FLAGS.DOC
MS Word
Scales and types of on-line plots desired by the customer GRIDDEF.DOC
MS Word

Additional Information about UWAL/KWT

Description Filename Date Size Type
Info about 1935 Grant Federal Grant for 54k for UWAL.PDF 8/28/1935 1.44M Acrobat
Grant App cover Fed Grant UWAL cover.jpg 8/28/1935 123k jpg
Grant App inside Fed Grant UWAL inside.jpg 8/28/1935 118k jpg
Suggestions for the design of the wind tunnel model MODELRECS.PDF 4/13/00 218k Acrobat
Comprehensive rate and services information for testing at UWAL RATE GUIDE 1/01/15 47k Acrobat
Standard data names used at the facility STDNAMES.PDF 3/27/98 13k Acrobat
Technical Guide to the Kirsten Wind Tunnel (TECHINFO.PDF was too out of date. Call for information.)
Introduction to testing at UWAL. TESTING SUGGESTIONS.DOC 3/1/05 35k Word 2000
Information on having an enjoyable stay at UWAL WELCOME.PDF 1/06/15 60k Acrobat
History of the University of Washington Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1917-2003 AA_History.pdf 5/27/03 1.25MB Acrobat
Displays the three axis diagrams of an aircraft AXES DIAGRAMS - AIRCRAFT.PDF 11/18/11 162k Acrobat
Displays the moment transfer diagram for a model MOMENT TRANSFERS.PDF 8/28/06 13k Acrobat
Three view diagram of UWAL building TUNNEL DIAGRAM.PDF 8/28/06 222k Acrobat