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All software is for a PC-based Microsoft Windows operating systems (although not everything has been tried with Vista and/or Windows7).

Description Filename Date Size Type
Link to UWAL Plotting Software (click on link) N/A N/A N/A
3View Software for viewing 3D models (e.g. IGS) files. Self-extracting installation. 3DVIEWINST.EXE 6/1/99 5,448k Executable
Curve Expert software - shareware curve fitting program CVXPT121.ZIP 3/3/96 674k Zipped
Software to convert metric measurements to english units DATCON10.ZIP 1/24/96 30k Zipped
Set read-only attribute on multiple files and directories. READONLY.ZIP 7/27/00 2,528k Zipped
Software for converting air speeds to dynamic pressure & includes Reynolds number calculator (UWAL freeware) SPEED1.ZIP 2/26/96 248k Zipped
Wind Tunnel Data Organizer WTDOINST.ZIP 8/9/2004 3.5M Zipped
Shareware utility for permanently erasing files TERM20.ZIP 8/29/96 194k Zipped
Utility for determining information from the Standard Atmosphere 1976 (UWAL freeware) WINATMO1.ZIP 1/29/97 300k Zipped